Bikini bodies are made in winter. So, as we try to get a head start on our rockin' summer bod, we are reaching out to the pros for advice.

We sat down with Flywheel instuctor Dana B. to get some insight on creating the PERFECT workout playlist.

Q: So Dana, tell us a little bit about how you because interested in spin and how you started teaching at Flywheel?

A: My mom was the one who encouraged me to start taking spin classes at our local gym when I was still in college. During the summer of 2014, my mom saw an ad on craigslist wanting spin instructors. We both had just completed our spin instructor certification and decided to audition. Before the audition, I took a few Flywheel classes in NYC and immediately got hooked. I auditioned at the Flatiron studio in September of 2013, got called back the next week to start training! It was and INTENSE training program. Flywheel was in the process of opening up the Scarsdale studio, and eager to get the instructors trained and ready to go. My training took slightly longer than the others in my group since I was working full time as a math teacher, and my avaliablity wasn't as convenient as some of the other trainees. My mentors were EXTREMELY accommodating though. They worked with my schedule and even though it took longer than others and required some weekend training sessions. I passed the training program in July of 2014 and starting teaching in September of that year.

Q: What goes into making the perfect workout playlist?

A: Making a playlist is quite possibly one of the most challenging parts of being an instructor. I am very particular and sometimes OCD about the music played throughout the 45 minute ride. I always try and make sure there is always the perfect mix of different beats and artists. An instructor once said to me "When you're making a playlist think about guests at a wedding. You want to make sure grandpa, your aunt, and your teenage cousin would know at least one song to get on the dance floor and dance to." You not only have to make sure to have the perfect mixture of genres, but also a good combination of flats, jogs, and climbing songs. They all have to be perfectly intertwined while remaining under 45 minutes. It is a lot to consider, but music and rhythm are the key ingredients to a solid Flywheel ride.

Q: How strongly do you feel music influences a persons' workout?

A: Music is a major influence to anyone's workout. Whether they are in a spin studio or running outside. Music is a key motivation to keep pushing yourself a little bit further. I love to include remixes and mashups from any artist. It keeps my riders guessing, and the ride more "enjoyable" (while still sweating your ass off)

Q: Do you create a new playlist for every class?

A: I have a pretty serious 6AM following on Wednesday and Friday mornings, so I make a new playlist for each class. It's hard enough getting up before the sun rises.. I have to give a reason for my 30+ riders to continue to wake up and ride with me! While playlisting is time consuming, the rewards are endless. Knowing that a song has the ability to push someone out of there comfort zone is an awesome feeling. It basically took a year for me to really understand the technique and time it takes to really make a great playlist. I am still learning and always finding new artists and remixes to spice things up.

Q: What are your favorite songs to work out to?

A: Currently....I am on a huge Bieber kick (but lets be honest...who isn't.) I really do love all types of music except maybe the hardcore rap. You can find artists like Snow Patrol, Notorious B.I.G., Jess Glynne, & Coldplay on any playlist of mine.

New Yorkers can find Dana at Flywheel in Scarsdale! Thank you Dana for your insight and we are with you..we spin for wine too! Now, get working on your perfect playlist and share your favorite workout tunes below.