|| Cuckoo For Coconut Oil ||

Cuckoo For Coconut Oil

The coconut oil craze is real, and although you may see a variety of options cropping up on your grocery store shelves, we challenge you to not limit your jar to the pantry. Here at the Basta Surf offices, we have fallen in love with this versatile oil and its’ countless beauty uses, not to mention that it is 100% natural and buying an unprocessed organic version is affordable.

Coconut Oil Uses

While we have dabbled in oil pulling, we have found the following as the best ways to take advantage of this powerhouse beauty product:

Skin Moisturizer: Using coconut oil after you shower locks in moisture leaving you with baby soft skin (helpful hint—coconut oil is definitely greasier than your everyday lotion, so we suggest at night before bed)

Makeup Remover: Stubborn eye makeup meets its match

Shaving Cream: it works like a dream, leaving your legs silky smooth

Deodorant: While not everyone in the office has jumped on this boat (yet), coconut oil is a main ingredient in my favorite deodorant, primal pit paste.

Lip Balm: Heal your addiction to chap stick…your welcome

Nail Cuticle Oil: keep your digits hydrated in between manicure appointments

Hair Mask: coconut oil is perfect for a deep conditioning mask and can help prevent further damage to your hair caused by summer sun

Foot Rub: use coconut oil to soothe cracked heels, simply rub coconut oil all over your feet and wear breathable socks overnight, now you are sandal ready!

Face Highlighter: Use coconut oil for that natural shine, rub over your eyelids and cheekbones for an all-natural youthful glow

Coconut Oil Beauty

Beyond beauty, coconut oil can be used around the house and in the kitchen! Have you tried coconut oil? If so, what are your favorite uses? Let us know in the comments below!